<Presage> A special model appears from "Style60's".

A special model that can be purchased only at the Seiko Online Store and Seiko Boutique has appeared from "Style60's", which expresses Seiko's vintage style, which is loved over time, with modern sensibility and the latest technology .
Click here to purchase SSK013JC
Seiko boutique exclusive model
84,700 yen (tax included)
In addition , the lineup includes a GMT model that expresses the vintage charm of an old car from the 1960s . It is characterized by a thin aluminum display plate and a dial with rough vertical stripes, which evokes a cockpit that retains the texture and delicateness of metal. The layout, which is unique to GMT , incorporates the details of the Crown Chronograph to create the image of analog precision instruments.
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84,700 yen (tax included)
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84,700,000 yen (tax included)